Weight Loss

So many of our members ask us about weight loss or why am I not losing enough weight when I workout almost everyday? We are not doctors, nutritionist or have any formal training in this area but we can share Alan’s personal experience with you!
Consider how much time and money is spent in our country about dieting, exercising and overall health. The census for the Disease Control and Prevention states “that obesity in the United States has stood at 34% for adults the past five years.” How can this be with all the smart doctors, exercise gurus, and nutritionists, etc. giving advice?
When we retired from our financial service companies almost seven years ago Alan decided he would commit to regular workouts which he had avoided for many years.  Workouts  included walking a minimum of 4 miles per day, Pilates 5 times per week, and golf 3 days per week.  He started this routine in the fall of 2007 and by March 2008 had gained 25 pounds! Really? Yes, a true story with too much good food and did not lose 25 pounds but gained!  How could this be true? The good news he has continued the walking and Pilates but changed his eating habits; lost and kept the weight off.
How did he do it? He met a doctor, Steven Gundry, in Palm Springs, California who had at that time recently published a book “The Diet Evolution.”  By adopting and following many of the recommendations in the book the weight came off in 90 days and most important his blood profile changed so much for the better. The biggest take away from the book was how bad sugar is for you overall health, including weight issues, and minimizing sugar will produce valuable benefits for your health.
There must always be a balance between diet and exercise.  Even though we are now in the fitness business the answer for long term weigh management is certainly more proper diet than exercise. There are many different options regarding how to lose and keep weight off but so much misinformation. Something is terribly wrong with this picture today and it shouldn’t be that difficult and its really not once you take the time to understand some basic concepts and decide its important enough for you to change your lifestyle for the betterment of your health and longevity. More and more diets, medication, exercise gurus, fitness fads, packaged meals, etc. are not the answer. Diets don’t work. America needs to be educated and not follow all the hype about dieting and exercising today. The effort by most manufacturers of food products, drug companies and restaurants will do everything they can to make us fat and happy because that’s what sells and makes the most profit for them.
In our weekly newsletters we attempt to provide certain sections related to proper dieting, recipes and a healthy lifestyle from sources that we believe have merit.  We hope you enjoy the newsletters and welcome any feedback.  We are also happy to share details about our lifestyle if you have an interest.
Here’s to your great health and happiness!
Alan and Bonnie Cashman
Co-Founders, LAB5 Fitness

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