Alan’s Story

Alan Cashman’s success in business started when he founded and sold two successful companies: The Balanced Program, Inc., (BPI) and Administrative Systems, Inc. (ASI). His talents before he retired in 2007 were rooted in the insurance and employee benefit sectors. Yet when it came to his health he didn’t know how to save himself.

In his 50s he began to struggle with his weight.

By age 57 he had topped out at 225 pounds. In the fall of 2007 he made the choice to put his health first. But how?

Since Alan was retired he spent time increasing his physical activities from walking four to six miles a day to playing golf regularly and even trying Pilates five days a week. All in hopes that he would drop some weight. Instead he found his weight increased. A visit to his doctor gave him the advice to “move more and eat less.” How could that be? He felt like he was moving more and eating less.

Then a chance meeting changed Alan’s life forever.

At a cocktail party in Palm Springs he met Dr. Steve Gundry (a world renowned cardiologist). In talking with Dr. Gundry, Alan learned that at one time Dr. Gundry also struggled with his weight. Dr. Gundry told Alan about his new book “The Diet Revolution” and Alan ended up asking Dr. Gundry for help with his weight issues. Dr. Gundry conducted special blood tests on Alan and gave him the bad news that he was officially obese. But Dr. Gundry told Alan he could help him fix his weight problem. Thanks to working with Dr. Gundry and reading his book, Alan learned about how bad sugar is for your health. And it made sense. Alan used to drink two to three cans of diet pop every day. He learned that sugar whether real or artificial makes no difference to the body, it’s treated the same. He finally understood that sugar was not his friend.

With a health plan in place that Alan believed in he dropped 40 pounds.

Today, Alan reads product labels, he’s learned to stay away from any food or product with more than five grams of sugar. And he has more secrets he is ready to share with you. Alan believes others can do exactly what he did. They just need a vision and a plan. Alan can show you how to change your lifestyle and get your health back on track. Join him and Enjoy the Good Life.