Alan and Bonnie are available for consulting on a hourly or project basis. Please let us know of the scope of work that you desire and a written outline will be provided detailing the work to be completed. The Cashman’s have proven successful track records in business, personal relationships, wealth creation, health and fitness!

Learn how they will share ideas with you to also live their kind of Lifestyle. They have spent over 46 years together learning, educating and incorporating valuable tools/skills in all areas of their lives from personal to business with amazing results starting with from modest means.

Discover how to maintain optimal health, wealth, and fitness and how you can to benefit from the Cashman Lifestyle and get everything you deserve in life.Yes, you can!


Get on the road today to a Healthier and Wealthy Lifestyle with the Cashman’s!

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“My husband, Tom, and I have admired Alan and Bonnie Cashmans’ ability to keep their weight in check and maintain their health without the use of prescription drugs. They inspired us to start eating healthy foods and stop eating sugar. Both of us appreciate the results. We, too, have now been able to lose weight, keep it off, and live a life of no prescriptions. Our lab reports are proof!”

-Gayle & Tom Dewitt

When I first saw Bonnie I thought, "What a beautiful woman." When I got to know her I thought, "What a beautiful soul." Bonnie has faced enormous challenges, taken the utmost care and responsibility for her health and become a role model for so many of us who struggle to keep the balance - Thank you for the example of doing just that! - Much love and admiration

-Dawn M.

I share your passion for nutritional healing and have for a long time. I reconnected with Bonnie a couple of years go when she was in the midst of her dance with cancer. I was so releived and happy to see that you both are doing so well:) I have to say that you both inspire me to step up in a bigger way and share what i know to help others. I ahve felt so limited in my scope and i saw all the things you a re doing, based on yoru life experience and learning and said, hey , why not me..I can do that too:)

-Joanne Foreman

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