Bonnie’s Story

After a successful career as the award-winning President of The Balanced Program, Inc. (BPI), a nationally recognized leader in the worksite marketplace of voluntary benefits, Bonnie retired in 2007 and was settling into a slower paced life when her health was turned upside down.

In March 2008 she faced 22 surgeries in 11 months for skin cancer.

After seeing some of the best cancer doctors in Seattle they were unable to stop the recurring cancer leaving Bonnie discouraged. Why did everything she try not work?

A chance meeting on Christmas Day 2009 forever changed Bonnie’s life.

Bonnie and her husband, Alan, were at Starbucks in Palm Springs, CA when they bumped into Dr. Steve Gundry  (a well-known author and current Director of The International Heart and Lung Institute) and his wife Penny. They met Dr. Gundry before when he helped Bonnie’s husband, Alan, with his weight problem. While chatting, Alan noticed Dr. Gundry looking at Bonnie’s hands, hands that showcased scars from several surgeries. Alan told Dr. Gundry of Bonnie’s cancer trials and that the latest news was that Bonnie was to go on a low dose form of an oral chemotherapy drug for rest of her life! Dr. Gundry thought that was a harsh way to go. So instead, he suggested to Bonnie to limit sugar from her diet for 90 days including anything processed, grained flour, wheat, oats, even tomatoes and fruit.

Bonnie seized the opportunity to try it for 90 Days.

It was not easy. Cutting out sugar was mentally and physically exhausting. She experienced withdrawals and forged ahead. Then she began to see positive results. Ninety days later, still choosing to live a sugar-free lifestyle,

Today, Bonnie believes that living a sugar-free lifestyle saved her life.

She believes that her cancer needed sugar to grow. When you cut sugar out, it can’t grow. In her case sugar never impacted her weight, cholesterol or blood pressure, yet it impacted her unmanageable skin cancer. Now that she is cancer free, she is ready to share how you can do it too and be your mentor through the process. Bonnie is living proof of what is accurate and what it takes to Enjoy the Good Life.

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