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Happy, Wealthy & Healthy

Here are 20 thoughts to consider for a happy, wealthy and healthy lifestyle:Lab5Fitness-cjt-011

1. Enjoy each day to the fullest.

2. Choose your friends carefully.

3. Work at something you enjoy. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment.

4. Weigh yourself each day. If you weigh is going up what are you doing to cause the change and get back on the track immediately to fix it.

5. Take your blood pressure daily. Normal blood pressure is 120/80.

6. Do something nice for at least one person each day.

7. Keep a positive attitude.

8. When problems arise don’t let them side track you. Find the solution and keep going! If you had a flat tire would you not fix the tire and keep going? Of course you would. You might be late getting to where you were going but late is better than nothing!

9. Save something out of each paycheck for yourself. Pay yourself first!

10. Be open to change.

11. Walk at least 30 minutes each day.

12. Have an annual physical.

13. See your dentist at least annually.

14. Eat the right healthy foods for your body.

15. Don’t stress out. Ask yourself when stressing “Will it really matter 100 years from now?”

16. Find someone or something to give back too.

17. Get a good nights sleep of between seven and eight hours every night

18. Make some time for yourself each day.

19. Learn from your mistakes. We all make them but do better the next time.

20. Act and look your best at all times. You never know who you may run into. First impressions are so important.


Alan and Bonnie Cashman

Co-Founders LAB5 Fitness

“be fit, be healthy, be happy”