5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Results

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5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Getting Results!

You’re been working out religiously, you’ve been trying to eat right, but you’re still not getting results. Many people never stop to think of other factors that might influence their lack of results.

We have outlined 5 reasons why you might not be getting results and how to solve them.

1) No overall plan.

Good intentions are great, but if you’re serious about reaching a goal, you must have a plan.

First, decide what is important to you!  For fitness it might be strength, balance, core, toning, sculpting, mental well-being, cardio, flexibility or range of motion. It could be a combination but you need to set clear specific goals.   When you set you goals monitor your results and commit to a workout at least 3 times a week.

For your nutrition start by monitoring one thing.  For example, we try to avoid sugar as much as possible as a result we read labels very carefully and try not to eat more than 5 grams of sugar in whatever we eat and no more than 40 total grams per day. Also, try to avoid processed foods and high fat snacks.

2) Lack of follow-through.

Anyone can set a goal, but it takes a real commitment to follow-through. Once the goals are set the real work begins.  You have to push through all the excuses that present themselves and make your fitness and nutrition plans a top priority.  Decide in the beginning what’s really important to you and how committed you are to succeed especially in those times you want to skip a workout or have another slice of pizza.

3) Bad or incorrect advice.

If you were given advice that has not worked for you in the past look for new advice from professionals that have proven track records and not just trying to sell you something. There is so much wrong information about fitness and nutrition it’s totally understandable why many people do not succeed.

4) You don’t take your nutrition seriously.

We have encountered many members who think all they have to do to change their bodies is go to our studio for great workouts. But they don’t change their eating habits. They sweat and toil during their workouts and wonder why they’re not seeing results, get fed up, and quit.

Nutrition is responsible for at least 80% of your results not your workouts!

You may expend plenty of calories in the gym, but if you’re not altering the number or quality of calories you’re putting in your mouth, you’re not going to get the results you want.

If you owned a high performance car like a Mercedes would you put the inexpensive oil and gas in it?  Would you keep the tires without proper air pressure or inadequate water in the radiator? No, of course not especially if you paid $100,000 plus for the car and you wanted it to run smoothly.  Think of your body as that high performance vehicle much like the Mercedes, so it’s only fair that you nourish it and treat it like one.

5) You’re not having fun.

For both your fitness and nutrition plans you need to have fun to stick with it.

Find a fitness program that you like and have fun doing.  If you’re not having fun and getting results you won’t stick with it.  Hop online to check out classes, gyms and studios that offer programs you like and encourage your partner or friends to workout with you.

For your nutrition plan learn to eat quality food and avoid sugar as much as possible. If you get off the track for a while or occasionally eat the wrong food don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy and get back on track at the next opportunity!

Alan and Bonnie Cashman

Co-Founders LAB5 Fitness

Be fit, be healthy, be happy

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